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Mark catering and holding a scoop of gelato

We Cater!

A Gelato Bar is the perfect dessert offering for any event. Let us match the elegance of your wedding with the finest authentic Italian ice cream in Utah. Your guests will be delighted to be served something unique and individual. Italians are known for their sophisticated taste in food. Our gelato does not need sugary mix-ins or heavy cream to give it the taste and elegance of Italy.

Provide your guests with a memorable experience. You can offer three or more of your choice of flavors. Guests will be able to select their flavor preference, served in a cup or homemade waffle cone. We also serve French macarons, gelato cakes and personalized flavors. The gelato bar has a lit glass front that displays the gelato flavors beautifully.

Pricing: $3.75 per serving.
Persons: 100 person minimum.
Includes:1 hour of serving. Each hour after the first is $20. We can do indoors or outdoors. Any size of event. You choose your flavors. You don't have to worry about anything. We also make Macarons and waffle cones.

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