Frequently asked questions pair well with gelato, so head to our shop if you can’t find what you’re looking for. 

What’s the difference between gelato and ice cream?

Here’s our spiel: gelato is Italian ice cream, but a denser and tastier version of ice cream. Gelato is churned slowly to incorporate as little air as possible, resulting in a creamy, custard-like concoction. Gelato also has a higher proportion of milk than cream or eggs, so the flavors are brighter, cleaner, and more complex. 

That being said, not all gelato is created equal. At Dolcetti Gelato, we pride ourselves on authentic recipes made from scratch. We source premium ingredients and experiment with unique flavor combos. We change our menu every week, so there’s always something new and delectable to try.

Do you have options for guests with allergies or dietary restrictions?

Definitely! We prepare fruit-based sorbetto flavors for our dairy-free and vegan guests. Rotating favorites include passion fruit, salted lime, lemon, forest berry, guava, and more. Stop by during late summer to try our limited-run peach and apricot sorbettos made with fresh stone fruits from our local farmers market. 

Gelato is also a great option for gluten-free guests. All our gelatos and sorbettos are gluten-free—with the exception of those with mix-ins that contain gluten, such as cookies and brownies. 

Our house-made French macarons are also gluten-free unless otherwise marked. 

Do you deliver? 

Not of our own accord, but you can occasionally find us on GrubHub. 

How should I store and serve gelato at home?

Gelato can be stored in a regular freezer for 2-3 weeks. To serve, move gelato from freezer to fridge for 20-30 minutes—this helps to get it back to soft and creamy consistency. Check out our tips for toppings and pairings on our blog.

I’m interested in franchising. 

Ok, let’s talk. Send us an inquiry here

What else do you serve at your shop?

Lots of sweet things! We make our own pastries, including French macarons, scones, browned butter cookies, and apple crostatas. We offer a full espresso and tea menu courtesy of Salt Lake City based La Barba Coffee and our own in house blended Ninth Moon Teas. 

What is coconut sticky rice gelato and why do I keep hearing about it?

It’s like our signature flavor. Our shop specialty. Our muse. Guests come from all over to get their fix and we pray we never run out. 

Do you do macaron or gelato catering?

DO WE?! Yes, yes we do. Shoot us a dessert catering inquiry here and we’ll get back with a quote.

How do you choose your flavors for the week? Can I request flavors?

Gelato flavor selection depends on a lot of factors, including season, availability of ingredients, customer requests, barometric pressure, midterm elections, highly-anticipated HBO finales, and the ongoing success rate of our our culinary experiments. We love to collect feedback from our guests and we try to relay requests as often as possible. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the most regular flavor updates we can offer!

Can I buy wholesale pans?

We can’t sell you a one-off wholesale pan, but we do offer pints and quarts, as well as our catering setup. Please send us a message if you’re interested in becoming a wholesale customer for your retail space (coffee shop, restaurant, boutique, etc.).

Do you offer discounts or donations for local businesses or non-profits?

In many cases, yes. We love to partner with schools, non-profits, charities, and other local organizations for donations, catering, and cross-promotion. Let us know what you’re thinking on our Contact page

Where do you get your ingredients?

We source many of our gelato “base chemistry” from heavy-hitting Italian companies like PreGel and Gelatech. We then make each recipe from scratch using local and fresh ingredients like farmers market fruit, Utah dairy businesses, and yummy mix-ins. We’re always changing our flavors, so stop by as often as you can!